Before You Hire PR Firm – Part I

What You Need To Know Before Hiring A Good PR Agency or Firm – Part One

Hiring a PR firm can be one of the more tricky business choices you make. Now because this is going to be so involved, we have decided to cover this in two parts. When you spend your life in the public eye it’s a challenge. Every little thing you do is going to be looked over and judged. Even if you feel that someone is not judging you, they are.

PR specialist With that being said, let’s look at the prospect of hiring your very own PR firm. Don’t kid yourself, you are going to need a PR firm. It doesn’t matter how big or small you are in the business, you will need someone to help you fight your battles. You will need help keeping your image under control

1) Bigger is not always going to be better. This is probably one of the biggest lies people in the public eye get told. What you need is more quality. Quality is always going to be the key here. Sometimes the simplest and smallest of actions can say the most. This even goes for when people are starting garbage about you. Trust me, they will start garbage about you. No one in the public eye can escape this aspect of the job. Always look to handle thins with ease and grace, not malice and chaos. Hiring a PR firm that does just this will head you off in the right direction.

2) Get to know everyone on your PR team, not just the ones you mainly work with. You should have a good feeling about everyone. Don’t just jump on board because someone comes highly recommended. Do your own interviews. Never let others make those choices for you. This is your image, not theirs.

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