Before You Hire PR Firm – Part II

What You Need To Know Before Hiring A Good PR Agency Or Firm- Part II 

ereputation3) Your firm needs to work with your constantly, keeping in mind the bigger picture of success. Always look to find the weekly reports and daily analytics. You need to keep track of where everything is going each day. If a PR firm is not on board with you on everything, you need to find another firm who can do the job correctly. Your image is what counts. Don’t let your image suffer due to someone’s incompetence.

4) Final thought is on the money. Each firm handles things differently. Please be aware of all aspects of your business and image, including the money. Go over how you will be charged and when. Find out when you will be charged, just so there are no surprises.

Your image is probably going to be your biggest currency out there. The idea is for you to have control over the output and input, not the other way around.